Since the beginning we knew God was calling us to plant but the question was well, where? Pastor Gonzalo Venegas felt the call to plant in an urban area where through his life-changing testimony he could reach the unreached. For years he wrestled with God and the call to plant, leaving behind the comfort and stepping into the unknown. After attending Exponential in March of 2018 God confirmed the calling once more and he placed Florida in Pastor Gonzalo's Heart. Since then God has opened great doors in which people have offered amazing help and partnerships like Nexus:Church Planting Leadership and The Florida Church Partners. Over countless months of prayer and research we saw a great need in Kissimmee, Florida where over 58% of the population is hispanic/latino. We've learned that over 50% of the people in the Orlando area are unchurched and over 43% are de-churched. In Kissimmee alone there is over 71,000 people and 40,000 of those are Hispanic, primarily of Puerto-rican descent. There is much work to be done but in the words of Pastor Gonzalo, "the ugly side of church planting is what excites the Encounter team" who is looking to launch in September of 2020. On behalf of Pastor Gonzalo Venegas and the Encounter Team we encourage you to be on the look-out for the March 2019 article by The Christian Standard Magazine with more information on the Osceola Project.



We devote ourselves to helping everyone who steps into our church to Encounter God through, Worship Services , Baptisms , Membership Classes and Spiritual Gifts survey.


At ECC we strive to Empower people to grow closer to God in every aspect of their lives through Encounter Groups and New Life classes.


Here at Encounter Church we believe we should be intentional and engaging in all areas of our lives. We believe that through serving in ministries, worship services and our communities we can make a world of difference and an immense impact.


When you Emit , you Produce. At Encounter Church we believe discipleship is a lifestyle and our leaders are encouraged to not only lead but to multiply themselves in order to produce more leaders. Our goal is to be able to equip leaders resulting in them being able to be prepared for Gods' unique calling in their life.